Pressing die

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    Pressing die


    • Industry:Auto,Green
    • Plating:Chrome,Nickel
    • Cavity:Single/ Multi
    • Design software:Pro-E, Solidworks, AutoCAD etc
    • Mold Base:HASCO, DME etc
    • Mould Steel:P20, H13, 2738, NAK80, 2316 etc.
    • Plastic Material:ABS, PC, PMMA,PP,PBT,PE,Nylon etc.
    • Product Name:Pressing die
    • Runner:Hot / Cold

    Key Features


    Pressing die


    Intertech is a professional Pressing die,die sets, punch and die & metal latch parts die and pressing die services Supplier. Find more die sets, punch and die & metal latch parts die and punch services information here or contact us for full service.


    • Intertech provides blanking, punching, flexing, forming, washing, high precision packing ... etc.
    • Up to the need of your project, Intertech will customize the best die stamping stations, either with few stamped dies or progressive stamping.
    • Post machining service is also provided by customer's requirement.

    Mold Description

    Matrix punch

    We are a professional punch die factory with Hasco standad, European standard quality.
    We have experience in building die stamping, benign and punching dies to form metal parts in OEM and ODM projects.
    We use Germany and Japan steel imports to make our sets of dies, steel available with Buderus, Assab, AISI and JIS, P20, H13, Starvax 420. - We are able to deal with aluminum die-cut, die-cut die and stainless steel Sealed to die. We provide cutomized molding, coating and assembly service as well.
    We can also make specialized tools for cutting or shaping materials for custom-made projects they need.
    The press die we make can cover a wide range of products from simple metals to complex metal parts. Progressive die pressure and bending die is availabel for every project need.

    For mold design, ...

    1. The software we use includes Pro-Engineer, I-Deas, Cimetron, Auto-Cad and Solid Work.
    2. Cutomer can send 2D, 3D, por.igs .stp, formats to us.
    3. We can offer a mold flow analysis service.
    4. Mold design (with the best optimized mold design and layout of water channels the best cycle design time performance considered)
    In addition, CNC milling prototype, prototype 3D printing, prototype mold making service, fitting / socket template or welding horn design and making are available at Intertech with good experience!

    We need 2D, 3D parts design to start our work, we can sign NDA (if necessary)

    For the mold maker:

    When designing mold, The customer requirement paramolde of steel material, choose the type of steel mold suitable for our customers.
    We have high quality Germany and Japan imports of steel molding material to proceed our mold making project. The shape of the molds will then be discussed, the design of the cooling channels of the mold will be checked, the design of the operation will be discussed, the size of the molding machine will be determined and the molding of the actual production movement will be verified as well.
    Only after our mold engineers discuss with our customers for mold engineering detail, we will proceed with our mold maker job.

    Payment Details

    • Payment Terms:TT ,L/C
    • Minimum Order:1 Sets


    • punch die

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