Sealing ring rubber mould maker

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Silicone Tool 0713
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    Sealing ring rubber mould maker


    • precision:high precision in our mold/mould!

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    Sealing ring rubber mould maker


    Intertech is a professional Sealing ring rubber mould maker,compression mold, rubber mold, compression moulding services Supplier. Find more compression mold, rubber mold, compression moulding services information here or contact us for full service.

    *4 cavity hot sealing ring compression mold – after compressing, molded rubber parts (Step 3)
    * with S50C mold steel, multi-layer mold plates.
    * cheap sealing ring mold in mold cost, but cycle time could be very long, up to your sealing ring mold product design and weight.
    * Please send your sealing ring mold project with detailed 2D, 3D, photos, samples, we will send our evaluation report.

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