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auto part injection mold
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    auto part injection mold


    • Material:ABS

    Key Features

    Auto part injection mold 



    1. Design to production of mold, 100% made in Taiwan.

    2. The SGS RoHS Certification Mark demonstrates our commitment to quality and achieving consistent production.

    3. Excellent in interchangeable cores molds design.

    4. Surface finish with high gloss polishing.      



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    2d3d design centerCNC machining Centermold capability

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    Intertech makes good quality new custom mold and molded parts for any plastic, silicone and metal project, please send us your project now !

    Sample order is available after our discussion !

    We can give you some suggestion for our best selling mold and molding parts project working way !


    May we have your Whatsapp number ? we can talk there more quickly or you 
    can add ours Whatsapp: +886.9328.66329

    About us:

    1. We are a flexible customized mold making, molding factory and have complete production line from A to Z.

    2. Our company aims at carrying out customers’ designs and especially good at OEM manufacturing, Contract manufacturing.

    3. We are particularly specialized in dealing with undercut molds, unscrewing molds, core pulling structure molds, high gloss polished molds, interchangeable core molds, hot compression molds, 2-component injection molds, and pilot molds for small series production.

    4. Our team has efficient communication, experienced engineers, and all of our mold steels imported from German, Japan, and Sweden.



    Our Professionals:

    Plastic Auto Mold - Injection Mold


    Excellent in making the Plastic Auto Molds that combines high mechanical property, thermals with very good engineering feature and very good dimensional stability in production result.  

    • Professional OEM Taiwan mold making factory that manufacturing and producing many different auto part molds for a wide series of car brands.
    • Only start from mold design, mold engineering, making a entire new mold for OEM orders, we do not have any existing molds for automotive parts or existing products for any specific series of cars.
    • Major in providing plastic molded parts and rubber molded parts production services. Capable to deal with plastic raw materials, such as PS, ABS, PP, PVC, PMMA, PBT, PC, POM, PA66, PBT+GF30%... or rubber raw materials, such as NR, IR, BR, EPDM, NBR, etc.


    • Available with auto parts mold and molding production for both virgin market and after market.
    • - Virgin market car parts molds making.
      - After market car parts molds making.
      - Gas-assist injection mold design and mold making.
      - High gloss polishing molds making.
      - Semi-product assembly.
      - Semi-product painting & coating.
      - Customer design service.
      - Prototyping.
      - Mold making.
      - Manufacturing process control.
      - Mold flow analysis service available ! 
      - Reverse engineering.
      - Customer molding & assembly.
      - Cold runner mold and hot runner mold (MoldMaster, Incoe, Masterflow,
         LKM, Yudo system...etc) 
    • -Engineering plastics molds making
      -Plastic logo molds making
      -ABS + Chromed plating logo making
    Welcome to contact with us :

    email:  intertech@seed.net.tw &  mold.factory@msa.hinet.net

    G.S.M phone: 886 932 866 329  

    Skype account name: debbyhsien


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    Payment Details

    • Payment Terms:TT ,L/C
    • Minimum Order:1 Sets

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